Precision demolition for home remolding

Whether your remodeling a kitchen, updating a bathroom, or building a second-level addition, home remolding often requires a blank slate. Interior demolition give homeowners, contractors, realtors and flippers the ability to recreate and renovate their spaces.


Many common home remodeling projects that require some level of demolition are labor-intensive. Thorough evaluating and safety planning must be accomplished before picking up the sledge hammer.  Demolition is not a DIY job. It involves complex set of tasks that should only be performed by a licensed demolition contractor. At Metro Wide Demolition, our contractors are highly experienced in demolition for all types of home remolding and construction projects.

Home remodeling projects
that require demolition

      • Kitchen remodel
      • Bathroom remodel
      • Ceiling removal
      • Wall removal
      • Flooring removal
      • Large appliance removal
      • Second-level home addition
      • Porch addition

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