About Us

Metro Wide is an established demolition and deconstruction company located in Northridge California. The company was formed to accomplish one goal and one goal only: to make professional demolition and deconstruction services available to builders, contractors, homeowners and flippers. We understand the need for all projects to stay on schedule, budget, pass inspections and present a clean, safe and professional job site.

Our Demolition Process



Demolition, deconstruction and the preparing of spaces for renovation and remodeling requires estimating construction costs and understating all major components of the project prior to start. Many factors influence the demolition costs of a project. This inlcudes size, condition, location, schedule and other client requirements.

  • Evaluating plans and specifications
  • Conducting hazardous materials surveys
  • Determining job methods & equipment needed
  • Performing job-related calculations


Demolition projects are often subject to state and local regulations, including: permitting, hazardous material abatement, debris recycling, notification of surrounding of property owners, etc. Metro Wide Demolition is diligent about making sure each project adheres to these regulations before getting started.

  • Permitting and notification
  • Mobilizing labor, equipment and materials
  • Developing recycling plans
  • Removing hazardous materials


Metro Wide Demolition promotes a sustainable material management approach to lessen environmental impacts. During the demolition process, our team will salvage any valuable materials and recover assets for clients while recycling and properly disposing of waste. Every project site undergoes a thorough inspection before signing off.

  • Pre-demolition site preparation
  • Separating demolished materials
  • Transporting materials and debris
  • Cleaning site and obtaining final inspection
Our mission at Metro Wide is to manage the demolition, deconstruction or remodel segment of each project
with integrity, professionalism and honesty.